New website launched!

After long working hours, the new interface for our digital edition is finally being lauched today. The previous page was based on static XSL/HTML transformation and has now been replaced by an eXist-db application which enables numerous new editing and display modes.

New features include:

  • filtering of index entries,
  • searching using an internal database search,
  • switching on external information in index entries,
  • switching between user interface languages (currently German and English),
  • exporting documents to plain text and PDF (experimental).

The web app is based on the WeGA-WebApp used by the Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Gesamtausgabe, which was developed by Peter Stadler. We thank Peter for his groundwork and his support, which made this implementation possible in the first place.

The development of the new interface has been accompanied by numerous adjustments to the data structure. Details can be found in our Edition guidelines. Access to the data records is now also possible via GitLab, where a copy of the current public status is available. However, the current development is still kept non-public; if you are interested in collaborating, please contact the editors.

Some points of our agenda have remained open so far, including new functions and improvements of the homepage as well as developments in other areas, e. g. further documentation of our TEI guidelines in ODD format. The work on this project cannot be regarded as finished yet and will hopefully receive further attention in the future. For the time being, most of the coded documents will remain in an officially unfinished state (as documented in <revisionDesc>, and represented in the corresponding label in the user interface). If you have any questions or comments on the documents or the website, you can contact us via the contact address edition[at]

With the publication of the new page, my time in the project comes to an end. In early 2016, I began as a seminar assistant and shortly thereafter with the work on the homepage, which took most of my time in the last year. I am happy that we have been able to at least partially achieve our ambitious goals! Many thanks to Ullrich Scheideler and Christian Schaper for the trust placed in me and the good cooperation!

Jakob Schmidt, Monday, September 24, 2018