Introducing: Letters by Hugo Leichtentritt

With the 13 known letters by Hugo Leichtentritt to Ferruccio Busoni, another correspondence has been added to our edition. Leichtentritt is probably best known today for his Musikalische Formenlehre (1911), whose revised edition (1920) clearly shows the impact of Busoni’s aesthetics. But the letters also reveal that Leichtentritt perceived himself primarily as a composer, and they throw some light on his (mostly unsuccessful) attempts at publishing his musical works as well as on his work as a music critic and as an author of concert programmes. We also get his out-of-the moment evaluations of the political environments in Germany around 1915 and 1923, respectively.

Transcription of and critical commentary to these letters have been provided as part of the Bachelor theses by Juliane Imme and Marlene Everling. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Busoni letters to Leichtentritt could not yet be obtained from the Library of Congress (Washington); they will be added to our edition as soon as possible.

Christian Schaper, Saturday, December 5, 2020