Correspondence with Robert Freund: raw transcriptions completed

In our edition of Busonis correspondence with Robert Freund, 21 previously unreleased pieces have been added; thus, all of the 80 known pieces in this correspondence are now accessible at least in a searchable full-text version. The transcriptions were taken from the 2019 bachelor thesis by Judith Treumann, who took care of the digital edition and critical commentary of 15 letters, while also providing diplomatic transcriptions of all the other pieces (and, by that study, becoming the seminal adept of the pianist and piano teacher Robert Freund as well as of his sister Etelka, one of Busoni’s finest pupils).

Apart from the diplomatic transcriptions, the newly added letters will remain mostly in a crude form for the time being (revision status: unfinished). Besides page breaks and line breaks, only those metadata, regularizations and entity taggings have been taken into account that were easy subjects to automatization. The soon-to-come Busoni correspondences with Kurt Weill and Philipp Jarnach will be added to the text corpus for developing further techniques of automatic code generation and tagging.

Christian Schaper, Sunday, May 2, 2021